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Hertzog Eye Care are the best doctors for specialized eyelid surgery in Long Beach. At Hertzog Eye Care, we understand the impact of eyelid conditions on your vision and overall quality of life. Whether you’re experiencing droopy eyelids (ptosis), excess skin on the upper eyelid (dermatochalasis), bags under the eyes, or other eyelid-related issues, our expert eye surgeons are able to provide comprehensive solutions. With a focus on preserving your eyelids’ natural function and architecture, we offer a range of outpatient surgical procedures designed to address these conditions effectively.

Ptosis Repair

Ptosis Repair (for droopy Eyelids)

Ptosis is a condition in which one or both eyelids descend or droop, often as a result of normal aging. Ptosis can exist concordantly with excess eyelid skin, another condition known as dermatochalasis. These conditions can be severe enough to affect a person’s vision and quality of life. Fortunately, this can be addressed with an outpatient eyelid surgical procedure available at Hertzog Eye Care, in which the muscles that elevate the upper eyelid are strengthened. This eyelid surgery provides better elevation of the eyelids while preserving their normal function and architecture. Medical insurance may or may not cover this eyelid procedure based on the severity of the functional visual impairment. Your eye surgeon may wish to obtain additional testing to determine whether or not medical insurance will allow coverage.

Upper BlepharoplastyUpper Blepharoplasty (for excess skin weighing down the eyelid)

Dermatochalasis is a condition in which the thin layers of skin, muscle, and fat in the upper eyelid sag over time. It may exist independent from or in conjunction with ptosis, a drooping of the eyelid margin itself. The excess skin that develops can often be severe enough to affect a person’s vision. Dermatochalasis can be addressed with an outpatient surgical procedure called an upper blepharoplasty in which excess skin, muscle, and fat may be removed or repositioned in order to achieve a tightening effect while preserving the normal function of the eyelid. Medical insurance may or may not cover this eyelid procedure based on the severity of the functional visual impairment. Your eyelid surgeon may wish to obtain additional testing in order to determine whether or not medical insurance will allow coverage.

Lower BlepharoplastyLower Blepharoplasty (for bags under the eyes)

Lower eyelid bags develop from inferior orbital fat prolapse and are often a normal consequence of aging. Fat that was previously held behind the eyes by a structure known as the orbital septum gradually begins to work its way forward, creating outpouching that people often describe as bags under the eyes. This condition can be addressed with an outpatient surgical procedure in which eyelid fat and sometimes skin are removed and/or repositioned. The incisions can oftentimes be made on the back surface of the eyelids. This is almost always considered to be a cosmetic eyelid procedure and therefore is not typically covered by medical insurance. To know more about eye bag treatment or any type of eyelid surgery in Long Beach contact Hertzog Eye Care.

Chalazion and HordeolumChalazion and Hordeolum

Chalazia and hordeola are small, inflamed bumps on the eyelid or eyelid margin. The two conditions are separate entities but can oftentimes be treated the same way. Sometimes they will respond to conservative management with warm compress and prescription ointments. Often, however, a small surgical procedure will need to be performed in order to achieve resolution. This can generally be performed in an office setting by your eyelid surgeon with a very short recovery time.

Eyelid Cancers and Benign GrowthsEyelid Cancers and Benign Growths

There are many types of bumps and growths that can appear on the eyelids as we age. Generally, these are benign (non-cancerous) lesions that can be removed with a simple in-office procedure. However, these bumps can occasionally be skin cancers that will require larger excision margins and delicate eyelid reconstructions. It is important to notify Dr. Hertzog about any eyelid lesions as they may need to be monitored or biopsied in order to determine if they represent skin cancer.

Ectropion and Entropion ConditionsEctropion and Entropion

Ectropion and Entropion are conditions in which the eyelid margin can sag and subsequently rotate outward or inward.  Dry and inflamed inner eyelid tissue or even misdirected eyelashes can subsequently irritate the eye.  These conditions can be treated with outpatient surgeries that tighten and rotate the lower eyelid back into its normal anatomic position.



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Dr. H. Dieter Hertzog M.D., is a 4th generation ophthalmologist and a 5th generation surgeon. He is a recognized expert in the field as he is well-versed in blepharoplasty and ptosis repair for drooping eyelids, as well as the removal of eyelid lesions and cancers with subsequent lid reconstruction.

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